About Us

We, the company SIA Livonia Design, are a staircase and door manufacturing company based on masters with 20 years of manufacturing experience in the UK. We are experienced stair and door manufacturers. We perfectly combine great design, craftsmanship and aesthetics, which will allow wooden stairs to fit into the rest of the interior design. Stairs, if made by geniune masters, will serve the whole family for years and for future generations. A beautiful staircase is a masterpiece, so all you have to do is find a good provider of this service who has not only a lot of experience, but also a vision that allows you to build a truly aesthetic staircase.

Experience: Our masters have extensive experience in one of the most prestigious staircases producing companies in the UK, as well as participating in various projects in the Scandinavian countries, Germany and Denmark, which together have more than 20 years.

Individual project: We provide each client with a 3D project.
General services: We consult, offer material selection options, perform measurements, design, give for free 3D visualization, produce and install. We offer all this in cooperation with our client.

Materials: We can make stairs from different materials. For example: of wood, of metal and both combined (wood with metal).
High quality: Our stairs will serve the whole family for years.

We are evaluated: We design, manufacture and install wooden stairs not only in Latvia but also in Europe.

However, the company SIA Livonia Design offers not only the production of wooden stairs, but also other elements that are necessary in the staircase of your home and beyond. These are solid wood doors, built-in solid wood furniture, solid wood window sills and other products according to the customer’s wishes.

We focus on quality, precision, performance, durability and the ultimate look and functionality with a pleasing end result.

At your disposal is the experienced team of SIA Livonia Design. We invite you to contact our specialists.